CPD or CME Activity


Revalidation is the process in which all licensed doctors have to demonstrate to the GMC that they are up-to-date and fit to practice. Therefore you must provide evidence of your CPD and CME activity to prove that you are up to date.

You must record and reflect on the CPD or education activity that you have done since your last appraisal. http://www.doctorsappraisaltoolkit.com/how-to-write-reflection/

Ideally you will have a Royal College logbook that you can attach to the appraisal document. Most specialties recommend that you try to achieve about 50 CPD points per year, so that you get 250 points in 5 years.

There is guidance on this from the Royal Colleges – 




You must reflect on your CPD activity. Use this scheme in your CPD comment textbox section – 

  • Why you chose the courses that you went on
  • If they were good quality education
  • If you learned what you wanted to
  • What you are going to do with that new knowledge
  • If you are going to go on more courses based on the new knowledge from this course.
  • Put any new developments from the learning in your new pdp, but descibe it properly.

A brief example of what you could write in the CPD section comment boxes about your cpd is as below –

This is also an example of reflection on CPD & CME activity –

‘I attended the ‘x’ courses listed as these provided the most appropriate spread of learning to help develop my practice. Attending the Acute Medicine 3 day course formed part of my PDP from last year as I wanted to update my acute and general medicine knowledge. The learning will help inform my practice. The Echocardiology and the Radiology courses provided targeted skills updates to help refresh and develop my knowledge and skills specifically in those selected areas. These 3 courses provided good education and learning and were good value for money. The faculty for the Echo course were very good at explaining new techniques and I will adopt some of these into my practice. The Acute Medicine course was quite an intense packed program. However it did allow me to cover all of the areas that I wanted to for my personal and professional development, and I will be able to adopt a significant amount of the learning into my practice as well as to assist with teaching my trainees.’