Scope Of Work

This part of the form is where you put in all of the jobs and roles that you undertake as a doctor. The GMC are very keen that all areas of work are put here, as it is locum work and work in isolated sites or unfamiliar environments that pose the most risk to patient safety.

If you do locum work – put it down.

If you work abroad – put it down.

If you do charity work – put it down.

If you do Education work, Supervision or College work – put it down.

Ideally you must provide a reference from each place that you work stating that there are no issues with your practice or that you have or have not been involved in any adverse events.

Below is an example of what to put in your ‘scope of work’ boxes.

This section provides your Responsible Officer with sight of all of the work that you undertake as a licensed doctor, or put another way, all of the activities that you undertake which requires you to hold a medical licence. You should include locum work or any medical-related jobs you have outside of your main job, even it is occasional ‘medical cover’ for sports events.

This may sound odd, but the Responsible Officer is making a recommendation based on all of your medical activity, whether it is inside the hospital or outside.

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