The Appraisal Form

Your appraisal form is called a MAG form.

The GMC and NHS England created this form, called the Medical Appraisal Guidance (MAG) form, as an appraisal template to be used for a Doctor’s Enhanced Appraisal.

You can find the form here –

This is the form below

The MAG appraisal form.

Of note, the PDF MAG form is not being offered by NHS England in 2014, so you will most probably use an online cloud version. All online appraisal companies eg Zircadian®, PReP®, Clarity® have used the GMC’s ‘MAG’ form as a guide for their electronic forms that you use for your appraisal and so the MAG form will be used on this website to demonstrate how to complete your appraisal form. The information and evidence that you need to put in is the same for the MAG form and these electronic systems.

There can be compatibilty issues with the MAG form and Apple® computers or systems not using Adobe®.

If you get an error message when trying to dowload the MAG form, go to my menu page ‘problems downloading the MAG form’.

There is also guide here –